Alpaca Sales

We have a varied price range to target any budget....

Please take a moment to browse the "Our Alpacas" page. Whether your interest is in a breeding or the purchase of an animal, we appreciate the time and interest in our alpaca farm. If you have further questions regarding any of the animals, please email us at and we will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Regardless of the tax advantages, growth in investment or the marketing hype, breeders should want sound, healthy animals. We strive in every breeding to produce a cria that is better than the respective parents. To breed better animals, determining what two animals bred together will have the best chance of combining their genetics and producing a better animal.

For those of you just beginning your farm, we are here to assist you. We know questions arise and are here to present you with as much assistance as possible. As our customer we offer free boarding for one month for animals purchased before the completion of your farm. Once your farm is completed and you are ready for animals, we will deliver the animals for you, if needed.

Alpaca Breeding

We attempt to introduce new blood lines into our herd on a regular basis and add to the superior lines we currently enjoy. You will find offspring and descendants from Accoyo Peruvian Legacy, Snowmass Legacy and Bolivian & Peruvian lines in our herd. We are always interested in exploring blood lines in hopes of improving our offering to our clients.

Our Herdshire Ritchie is available for breeding. He has a beautiful thick dark grey fleece, solid confirmation and a calm personality.

See "Our Alpaca" page for stud fees. Our boys would love to assist you in growing your herd!

Alpaca Boarding (Agistment)
Have you fallen in love with the animals but do not have the time, available land or financial resources to own a herd right now? You should consider agistment. You can purchase an animal from us and board it on our property with our alpacas. Agistment allows you to own an animal now and start growing a herd until the day comes when you can have your own farm.  If you are looking to alpacas as an investment alternative, agistment allows you to invest in these animals and enjoy various tax benefits.  If you wish to recoup your investment, we can assist in selling the offspring. With any purchase from us, we offer free agistment for one month.  

Agistment for your journey into the world of Alpacas allows you to began slowly. Research the idea of alpacas, local farms and the overall industry, contact an accountant to answer the financial and tax questions. Schedule your first visit to an alpaca farm/ranch, it provides an abundance of information, excitement, a heightening fascination with these wonderful animals and certainly a starting point for the business potential it offers.

If you are reading this page and wondering about Alpacas, we welcome you. We have walked the same path and now with a herd average of 20-25 alpacas, we encourage your questions, and appreciate your interest in what we offer.

We are here to help you succeed because your success is our success.

Watch cap 

One size fits most: Natural, Grey, Red, Green, Pinkish

$25 includes tax

Beanie hat 

One size fits most: 


$25 includes tax

Dark Grey

$30.00 includes tax

Classic Alpaca Hat

One size fits most:

Brown w/tan stripe    

$30 includes tax

Boot Insert

Cut to size:

Natural grey only

$10 includes tax

Raw Fleece
Natural: White, Cream, Tan, Brown, Black, Grey
$15-$30lb includes tax

Ribbed Scarf
$40 includes tax

Headband -patterned

One size fits most:

Brown, Tan

$20 includes tax

A L P A C A S.....

Our products for sale are listed below. Please check in occasionally, as we develop our farm we will offer additional products.

Depending on the time of year, we may have to order a product, so delivery time will vary. If you are interested in a product that we do not currently list, please contact me and I can give you information on an alpaca farm that can assist you.

Costs shown do not include shipping costs.

Products Available:

Availability changes & items out of stock can be ordered upon request.

Items listed below were in stock as of 9/26/18.


Fingerless gloves

Medium: Dark grey

$20.00 includes tax

Snowflake Earflap Beanie
Small: Natural
$28.00 includes tax


Survival socks -

-Medium: Natural, Charcoal, Lite Grey, Brown

-Large: Charcoal, Natural w/USA

$20 includes tax

Survival socks

-Medium: Forest green, Saphire blue

-Large: Cranbery, Forest green

$20 includes tax

Ankle socks

Large: Natural, as shown
$15 includes tax

Driving gloves 

Medium: Tan/Natural

Large: Grey, Brown
$65 +tax

All terrain gloves 

Medium: Tan/Natural, Brown

Large: White, Brown, Cream

$20includes tax

Wrist Warmers 

Basketweave pattern

One size fits most

​Cream, Tan


Products for SALE