Photos below include:
-Farm photos throughout the seasons

All our funny faces...

Photos below include:
2014 Cria (Giddeon, Owen, Gwen)

Photos below include:
-2015 & 2016 Sheering

2017-2018 Farm photos throughout the seasons

Photos below include:

2016 Cria Triple Pack: Golden Phelps (white), Bolt's Triple-Triple (fawn), Ashton Rio (grey)

Our Olympic boys!

Photos below include:
-Chowder Challenge & 5K Fundraiser (October 2015)

We hope you enjoy the photo gallery of our animals. Check back as we add photos throughout the year!  Whether your interest is in purchasing an animal, breeding or just enjoying the funny faces, we appreciate the time and interest in our alpaca farm. If you have further questions regarding any of the alpaca, please email us at and we will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

We are pleased to introduce you to our crew of critters (and a few friends and family)……

A L P A C A S.....

Photos below include:

2016 -2017 Farm photos throughout the seasons

3 New girls -BDee, Eni, Zuzu