Female: Domino

DOB: 8/15/99

Microns: Retired (& turning grey!)

Cost: NFS

Offspring: Unknown

Gelding: Blackstrap Molasses

DOB: 7/10/07

Microns: 30.7 Bay/Blk

Cost: NFS -main marketing man

Offspring: Giddeon

Gelding: Eligha

DOB: 6/9/09

Microns: 33.6 Black

Cost: $300 -Fiber male

Jr. Herdshire: Owen Des Bottes

DOB: 8/6/14

Microns: 17.5 Med Brown, Bay/Blk, White

Cost: $2500

Stud fee: $200.00

Gelding: Agassiz's Dakota


Microns: Retired

Cost: NFS "My main luv"

Offspring: Joline, Owen

Herdshire: Ritchie

DOB: 10/16/05

Microns: 26.3 Dk Silver Grey

Cost: $5000

Stud fee: $250

​Offspring: Phelps, Ash, Bolt

Female: Alyssa

DOB: 5/26/11

Microns: TBD

Cost: $800.00

Offspring: Unknown

Female: Sweet Joline

DOB: 7/15/11

Microns: 21.4 Beige

Cost: NFS

Offspring: Gwenyth, Ashton

Female: Chloe of Tranquility

DOB: 10/5/07

Microns: 25.9 Bay Blk/Dk Sil Grey

Cost: NFS

Offspring: Ella, Owen, Phelps

Jr Herdshire: Bolt's Triple-Triple

DOB: 8/17/16

Microns: 24.5 Dk Fawn

Cost: $2000

​Stud fee: TBD

Female: Amazing Grace

DOB: 7/8/06

Microns: 23.7 Dk Fawn

Cost: NFS

Offspring: Joline, Giddeon, Bolt

Jr. Herdshire: Giddeon Earl of Royalton

DOB: 8/11/14

Microns: 19.1 White

Cost: $2500

Stud fee: $200.00

Female: Tiggywinkle aka Tiggy

DOB: 7/4/14

Microns: TBD

Cost: $1200.00

Offspring: Tameer

Female: Blossom aka AFF


Microns: TBD

Cost: $1000.00

Offspring: Unproven

Gelding: Paco

DOB: 8/1/05

Microns: 26 Fawn

Cost: $500 -Fiber male

Gelding: Zeus of Tranquil Forest

DOB: 10/1/08

Microns: 23.3 Lt Brown

Cost: $500 -fiber male

Gelding: MMTNA Taz

DOB: 8/23/04

Microns: 25.8 Med Fawn

Cost: $500 -fiber male

Offspring: Gracie

Herdshire: Marty
DOB: ?
Microns: ? White
Cost: $2000
Stud fee: $250
​Offspring: Unknown

To Be Gelding: Golden Phelps

DOB: 8/17/16 (Deaf)

Microns: 23.5 White

              pet boy /fiber male

Cost: $500 

A L P A C A S.....
Gelding: Legend's Moon Muza

DOB: 10/9/06

Microns: Pet boy /Marketing -Med Brn

Cost: $250

Gelding: Oliver

DOB: 9/1/11

Microns: Pet boy -Med Brn

Cost: $300

Gelding: Diablo of the Forest

DOB: 10/2/06

Microns: 26.3 White

Cost: $300 -pet boy /fiber male

Offspring: Gwyneth

Female: Endor's Wicket Accoyo Butter Cup

DOB: 8/1/13

Microns: 24.1 White

Cost: $2000

Offspring: Unproven

Jr Herdshire: Ashton Rio

DOB: 8/23/16

Microns: 19.8 Dk Silver Grey-Rose /White

Cost: $2500

Stud fee: TBD

Meet Our Alpacas

Female: Brewing Decadence

DOB: 7/15/09

Microns: 31.2 Dk Silver Grey

Cost: $1000

Offspring: Endors Wicket, ZuZu's Petals

Gelding: Kulyshan's Eclipse (aka Sir)

DOB: 4/7/00

Microns: Retired

Cost: NFS

Female: Gwyneth of Crystal Lake

DOB: 6/13/14

Microns: 19.4 Biege

Cost: NFS

Offspring: Unproven

Gelding: Harris

DOB: 8/1/04

Microns: Pet boy -White

Cost: $200

Female: ZuZu's Petals Accoyo Carmel

DOB: 8/25/14

Microns: 21.3 Dk Fawn

Cost: $2500

Offspring: Unproven

Gelding: MMoonshadow of the Forest

DOB: 7/4/06

Microns: 25.2 Dk Fawn

Cost: NFS -fiber male

Female: Spring

DOB: 4/7/11

Microns: TBD

Cost: $800

Offspring: Blossom