Three generations of cuteness...

Right -Gracie (grandma)

Middle -Gwen (baby)

Left - Sweet Joline (mom)

About KelMik Farm...

What to Expect

A L P A C A S.....
Kelly Keller


Lead poop scooper

Meet Our Team

A friendly greeting.

We welcome you to set an appointment to view our alpaca. We want to assist you in choosing the one right for you.


Genuine concern.

We nurture healthy alpaca and take pride in our animals.


Professional service.

We will provide the expert care your family/farm deserves.

Mike Keller


Mr fix-it

KelMik Farm is owned and operated by Kelly and Mike Keller. Our alpaca farm is located in Niagara County, north of Buffalo, New York and near beautiful Lake Ontario. Our farm specializes in Huacaya alpacas(pronounced Wuh-kai-ya).

KelMik Farm is a working farm where cultivation of alpacas for fiber is the main focus of the farm's operation. We currently house 30+ alpacas and are growing. Our goal is to nurture healthy alpacas of exceptional quality.  We take pride in our animals and provide care through solid nutrition, a clean, healthy living environment, and thorough customized care for each animal.

 Our farm is still developing and along with the alpaca industry, we are changing. We offer quality live-stock at reasonable prices to insure real value for our customers in the future. KelMik Farm offers a wide range of animals from show to pet quality. Our herd contains a multitude of colors and all of our breeding animals are registered with the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA). Along with our animals for sale, we offer a variety of products, including fleece, yarn, socks, gloves and more!

our Alpacas listed under the "Our Alpacas" page to find the alpaca that are right for you!